4.4 - The Tobacco Match Game



Using the knowledge you've gained through the various resources on this site, try to get the high score in the Tobacco Match/Trivia Game. Your score, which is based on your correct answers and the speed at which you work through the game, will be shared with your teacher. Click here to play the game.


1. Click on the link to the game. Click here to play the game.
2. Click pairs of cards. You will get points if you choose a pair of cards is related. You will be able to tell that a pair of cards is related because they will share similar images or have images that are normally associated with one another (ex: a lock and a key).
3. Once you have clicked a matching pair, you will be sent to a different screen which will ask you a skill testing question. You will have one chance to respond to the question. If you get it right, the question will be highlighted in green and you will be given points. If you get it wrong, the question will be highlighted in red and the cards will return to their former places on the screen.
4. The game is finished once all pairs have been matched.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply knowledge learned in SmokingZine and previous units
  • Use critical and analytical skills to solve probelms
  • Acquire new knowledge about smoking

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