4.2 - Power of the Pen



How can you make a difference? What tools are available to citizens? This activity asks participants to start a petition or letter writing campaign to local officials addressing the issues of global and social justice and tobacco.


1. Review the different issues that have been covered regarding the different ways that tobacco impacts the population. These issues could cover areas such as: law, health, advertising and social perceptions amongst others.
2. Participants may choose an issue they are passionate about and develop a petition based on this.
3. Circulate the petitions. Participants can either use the traditional pen and paper approach or can check out online petition writing tools like TIG Petitions, GoPetition or MyOnlinePetition
4. Once the exercise is over, participants can share their experiences about trying to effect social change and the results of their petition in the Class Blog.

Optional: If you enjoyed this exercise, follow up on this issue by becoming involved in some of TIG's Guide to Action or TIG's Projects to continue their involvement.

Learning Objectives

  • Encourage civic leadership and initiative.
  • Develop letter writing and communication abilities.
  • Realize the potential impact of civil action

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