1.2 - My Story (Personal Narrative)



The Lung Cancer Canada Organization states that approximately one in every five deaths in Canada is linked to smoking. Based on this estimate, it is likely that many people's lives have been affected by smoking in some way. Ask participants to tell a personal story about a time when tobacco affected their life or the life of someone they know. Please post it in the Student Writing section of this classroom.


1. Access the Student Writing section of this website.
2. Think about either a person, a place or a time in which tobacco has affected your life or the life of someone you know.
3. Write about the context, who was involved, what transpired and the emotions and ideas that they experienced.
4. Discuss the conditions that may put people at higher risk for smoking.
5. Share stories within the class and collectively identify common themes, perceptions and emotions towards tobacco which emerged in all the stories.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the emotional impacts of smoking
  • Utilize creative writing abilities, introspection and critical thinking abilities

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