2.2 Gender and Smoking



Is there a difference in the way that cigarettes are marketed to men and women? Is the social perception of smoking the same for both men and women? Do the same proportion of men and women smoke? This assignment uses a gender lens to understand the dynamics of smoking.


1. Have participants start by facilitating an informal discussion on the social perception of men who smoke versus the social perceptions of women who smoke. Discuss the major themes that came out of this discussion.
2. Look over web resources on gender and smoking. Some good starter resources include:

3. Use the Type Drawing Tool or Wordle to create a word association collage for the social perception of men who smoke and the social perception of women who smoke. Produce a word association collage for both men and women. Share it with the class

Learning Objectives

  • Strengthen understanding of different social perceptions of smoking for men and for women
  • Look at tobacco advertising through a gendered lens
  • Enhance discussion, creative and critical abilities

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