3.2 - Warning Labels



Warning labels on cigarette packages have been adapted in many parts of the world as a strategy to deter people from smoking. This activity asks participants to create their own warning labels to go on cigarette packages, chew packs or on tobacco ads. Ask them to upload their work to the Class Gallery.


1. Look over different examples of the multi-lingual anti-smoking cigarette warning packages attached below. Do an internet search for other warning package designs.
2. Decide which advertisements have the best, most effective strategy.
3. Design your own label using the ideas and criticisms that you generated while looking over the examples. You may also want to think of a specific "vulnerable group" or negative side effects of smoking. You may also want to design your labels by hand, or you could access online drawing programs like:

  • Glogster - which allows you to make your own posters
  • Imagination Cubed - which allows you draw your own images
  • Odopod- which allows users to create watercolour like pictures and then replay their creation process
  • Search for other tools on the Internet
4. Be creative! For inspiration, check out WHO Health Warning Database
Optional: For those participants who enjoyed this project, post your work to TIG's Global Gallery. Also keep an eye out for TIG's many, ongoing competitions which often ask applicants to submit art on different themes. Past examples include the Evoke Art Competition . Keep your eyes out for more and enter for a chance to win prizes!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that warning labels are an approach to substance abuse control and prevention
  • Apply knowledge of long- and short-term effects of tobacco

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