3.3 - Who's Using Who?



This assignments looks at how Westernization is used as a marketing tool for tobacco for those in developing countries.


1. First, read this Science Daily Article linking degree of Westernization to increased tobacco use amongst India's Youth
2. Review tobacco ad campaigns from around the world. As a start, look over Smoke Free World , GLOBALink and TakingOnTobacco . Search the internet for examples of tobacco advertisements from around the world in different languages.
3. Critique the tobacco ad campaigns from the different regions of the world. Focus particularly on how Westernization is used as a marketing tool.
4. Discuss the different ways that Westernization is presented.

Optional: Use this discussion to talk about Westernization more generally. What does Westernization mean in terms of lifestyle, language, values, travel, time, technology, borders, consumption and other factors? Explore these. Also think about how this process may have come about. Participants may also want to speak about their own experiences with the "Westernization" process.

5. Come up with your own marketing ideas using westernization as a way to market against big tobacco. Post your plan in Student Writing, and any mark ups in the Class Gallery.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how tobacco advertising strategies use images of Western success to promote use of their product
  • Use analytical and critical abilities to analyze content and form a hypothesis and an argument.

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