1.3 - Biology of Smoking



It's been mentioned that smoking has negative health impacts but how, specifically, does smoking contribute to negative health impacts? What systems does it disrupt? What parts of the body does it affect? In this section, we will explore which parts of the body and systems are affected by smoking.


1. Start by playing through the Interactive Biopsy Game (Warning: Game includes some graphic content but is endorsed by the Australian government) to get a sense of the different areas of the body that are affected by smoking.
2. In groups, research the interaction between:

  • Tobacco and lung cancer
  • Tobacco and emphysema
  • Tobacco and infertility
  • Tobacco and stomach ulcers
  • Tobacco and stroke

3. Each group will research one of these topics and prepare a presentation on this topic for the class. You may want to look at sites like:
Or check out the attached OxyGen PDF's which are attached below for more information.

The presentations should include elements such as: definition of terms,explanation of the normal function of the system, key anatomical/cellular structures and role of tobacco.
Participants can use online presentation software to exhibit their work, such as 4. Share the presentation findings. Discuss any new learnings with the class. Are there any parts of the body that aren't affected by smoking?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how tobacco specifically affects different body areas and contributes to the onset of different diseases
  • Understand that the effects of tobacco are widespread and not strictly limited to lung cancer

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