1.4 - SmokingZine



The Smoking Zine is a University of Toronto initiative that uses a series of interactive environments to inform users about the different effects of smoking. In this activity, participants explore the Smoking Zine website. Learners then write up a website review of the SmokingZine as a prevention cessation tool. Ask them to post it in the Student Writing section of the virtual classroom.


1. Register for www.smokingzine.org
2. Follow Steps 1 through 5 as outlined on the website.
3. Based on this exploration produce a report reviewing the content of the site. This report could include sections on format, content, links to other resources and overall effectiveness of the website. It could also include a section on what steps could be taken to improve the website.

Optional If applicable, the class could discuss these findings as a group and communicate them directly to the SmokingZine team, at www@smokingzine.org

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a personalized evaluation of individual smoking habits
  • Generate a plan for how to improve smoking habits (if applicable)
  • Develop a logical argument with a coherent thesis that is based on critical understanding of the Smoking Zine
  • Use a variety of strategies to construct argument
  • Enhance writing abilities

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