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Environment   Mar 21, 2015 by schueler genord

Create an anti-advertisement and an online petition in a Microsoft Word document.

Create an online advertisement which shows how Pepsi takes part in the destruction of rainforests by using conflict palm oil.
Write an online petition to Pepsi and ask them to stop using conflict palm oil in all of their products.

You will get a mark for your petition.
Send your petition to:
The deadline for your petition is Monday 23rd March.

We will send your petition to the "fairknüpft“ competition by Fairtrade-Deutschland.

You can win prizes at a value of all in all € 7000.

Your petition will be sent to Pepsi and also be posted on other environment protection websites, e.g.

Go through the following 10 steps:

1. Open a Microsoft Word document, write your names at the top and save it on your computer.

2. Describe how conflict palm oil destroys rain forests.

3. Describe the consequences of conflict palm oil plantations on the environment, locally and globally.

4. Describe the consequences of conflict palm oil plantations for the local small farmers.

5. Describe how Pepsi uses conflict palm oil and how Pepsi is responsible for the destruction of the rainforests.

6. Demand from Pepsi to stop using conflict palm oil in all of their products once and for all.

7. Demand from Pepsi that plantation workers are paid fair money for their work ("Fair Trade").

8. Ask online readers to take part in the petition by signing it.

9. Use pictures from the internet.
You are only allowed to use free-licensed pictures (Lizenz-freie Bilder)!
Search for pictures through this license-free picture search engine:

Add the web-address of each picture under the picture (we cannot use the picture without the web-address).
You can edit the pictures with the programs "GIMP" or "Photoshop Elements" on your computers.

10. Send your finished Word document to

Write your own text.
Do not copy text from other websites.
If you copy text from other websites, your teachers will easily find it through Google.
In that case, you will get the mark 6.

update: Your petitions are online:

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