M1/1.3 - Why do rainforests need protecting?


Module one is designed to help students explore why existing forests need to be protected. Students will confront the threats to existing forests and contemplate the very real dangers that await us if we do not learn to effect change and contribute to a more sustainable world.
21st Century Skills
Critical thinking, social responsibility, inquiry, problem solving, systems thinking & written and oral communication skills.

Learning Objectives

To explore why rainforests need protecting.

Learning Outcomes:

All students will be able to identify why rainforests need protecting.

Most students will be able to explain the how environmental issues (i.e. the water cycle), will be affected by the destruction of rainforests.

Some students will be able to evaluate the consequences deforestation will have on the environment and how this will affect humans.



Students are to write a list of reasons stating why rainforests need protecting. Ask students to share their lists with the person sitting next to them.

Task 1: Rainforest Alliance

Teacher notes:Link to the Treehouse game can be found in bookmarks under Online Games.

Student instructions:

Play the 'Treehouse game' developed by Rainforest Alliance. Explore the many wonders of the rainforest and learn more about the plants, animals and people that live there. Go on a virtual treck through the rainforest's many layers and trace the production of some of our most popular foods.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TOOLS. Use the discussion board titled' Rainforest Home' to record your findings on what you have learnt about the kids that call the rainforest home. Don't forget to comment on other student research.

Task 2: Benefits of a rainforest

Teacher notes: The internet is full of fantastic environmental sites that could be used for the below activity. A recommended site is: http://kids.mongabay.com/

Student instructions:

In groups students are to explore and research how the below environmental issues are affected by the destruction of rainforests. They must make clear conclusions about the impact each has to the environment and the consequences that will occur as a result of deforestation.

- Climate

- Home to wildlife

- Water cycle

- Erosion control

Task 3: Getting the message out there

Teacher notes: Photo Story 3 is a free software programme available to download from the following link. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/default.mspx Photo Story is a creative way to produce slideshows using digital photos, stunning special effects, soundtracks, and voice narration.

Student instructions:

In groups students are to take one of the above issues and create an awareness video. To do this activity students can use Photo Story 3. The Photo Story should highlight the importance of saving the rainforest and what the consequences would be if we do not take responsibility.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TOOLS: Upload the finished photo stories to the virtual classroom video wall.

Play ‘Give me 5’ students are to share five key facts that they have learnt during this lesson.

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