M3/3.1: Are you Orang Aware?


Module 3 is designed to help students understand the threatening survival issues concerning orangutans. Students will have the opportunity to devise orangutan ‘rescue’ projects, with the aim of providing long term security for orangutans

Learning Objectives

To explore the importance of Orangutans.

Learning Outcomes:

All students will be able to identify why orangutans are endangered animals.

Most students will be able to explain why it is important to protect orangutans.

Some students will reflect upon the importance of finding ways to protect orangutans.


Notes:All resources and website links can be found under assignment documents and assignment links.

Task 1: Are you OrangAware?

Orangutans are highly endangered! They may have less than ten years left in the wild before they are extinct. They will be the first great ape to go extinct. Habitat loss due to rainforest destruction, illegal logging, palm oil plantations, and an illegal pet trade are pushing them toward extinction. Learn more about Orangutans at Redapes (see assignment links below).

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TOOLS: Create a discussion post titled ‘Why is it important to protect the orangutans?’ Individually students are to write a paragraph answering the above key question.

Task 2: Raising Awareness

Teacher notes:All resources can be found under assignment documents.

Use Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint and publish an engaging and effective rich-media presentation that raises awareness of the issues surrounding Orangutans. Post your presentation to your online classroom and invite other students to post comments and share their thoughts.

Task 3: How on earth can we save Orangutans?

Tap into your creative writing skills and produce an essay answering the key question ‘How on earth can we save Orangutans?’ Share your essays by posting them to the writing wall. You could even turn this assignment into a global essay writing competition and reach out to the schools in your deforestACTION collaboration space.

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