M3/3.3: Orangutan Awareness Event


Module 3: Orangutans is designed to help students understand the threatening survival issues concerning orangutans. Students will have the opportunity to devise orangutan ‘rescue’ projects, with the aim of providing long term security for orangutans

Learning Objectives

To host and orangutan awareness event.

Learning Outcomes:

All students will be able to identify different methods of raising awareness.

Most students will be able to use multi-media technology as a key tool to raise awareness of the issue.

Some students will reflect upon the importance of raising awareness at a global level.


Notes: All resources and website links can be found under assignment documents and assignment links.

Task 1: Hold your own orangutan awareness event

We can't expect everyone to be as passionate about orangutans, but through awareness events, we can help people make a personal connection and show them that the survival of orangutans has a direct impact on their own lives - on their own survival. Organise an organ aware event at your school. Events can be full blown or as simple as a table and chair, remember:

• Anyone can hold an event! Zoo, animal facilities, zookeepers, volunteers, docents, students, teachers, school groups, youth organizations or individuals.

• Anywhere! At zoos, parks, schools, eco-fairs, shopping centres etc.

• Combine awareness and fundraising! Set up informational tables, bake sales, movie nights, or raffles.

Visit OrangAware for examples and ideas (see assignment links).

Virtual Classroom: Create a discussion thread and share your OrganAware event ideas with everyone.

Task 2: Promote your event

Use Microsoft Movie Moviemaker to produce a one minute video that promotes your event. Reach out to the wider community and see if you can get a local TV station to play your video.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TOOLS: Upload the finished photo stories to the virtual classroom video wall.

Task 3: Share your event

Reach out to other schools in the DeforestACTION collaboration space and organize a real-time virtual conference. You could take advantage of a 30 day free trial and use Microsoft’s Live Meeting to organize your very own DeforestACTION Orangutan Virtual Conference, showcasing how ‘Orang Aware’ your school is.

Live Meetings offer high-fidelity recording so you can share your conference with everyone once it’s finished by uploading it to the DeforestACTION headquarters (see assignment links).