M2/2.3: Get involved in Conservation


Module 2: Reforestation This module is designed to help students evaluate why we need to restore rainforests. Students may produce action projects that will help raise awareness of how issues such as palm oil production contribute to global warming, habitat loss, destruction of species and other global problems.

Learning Objectives

To raise awareness of endangered species locally and globally.

Learning Outcomes:

All students will be able to identify localised plant conservation efforts.

Most students will be able to use various multi-media tools to raise awareness of plant conservation.

Some students will be able to connect and colloborate with global learners worldwide on a joint plant conservation project.


Notes: All resources and website links can be found under assignment documents and assignment links.

Task 1: Endangered Species near you!

Find out what you can do to help rare and endangered plant species. There are many things you can do to support the conservation of rare and endangered plant species. You could plant native species grown from seed in the school yard. Volunteer to work with rare plant monitoring or restoration efforts at a local botanical garden or conservation organization. For ideas see Plant Conservation (see assignment links).

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM TOOLS: Use the blog feature of the virtual classroom to record your efforts and share with learners in the classroom.

Task 2: Raising Awareness

Try and produce a sixty second ‘Make a Difference’ radio jingle. The jingle should highlight what people can do to get involved in Plant Conservation. You can use Songsmith, Microsoft’s free song-making tool, to create and publish the conservation jingle. See if you can get your local radio to play your jingle on air.

DeforestACTION COLLABORATION SPACE: Share you conservation jingle with other schools in the deforestACTION collaboration space.

Task 3: Connect and Collaborate

Connect and collaborate with learners around the world to get involved in a joint ‘‘Plant Conservation’’ project. Trace and track each other’s journey by creating a four part documentary over a twelve month period using Windows® Live™ Movie Maker. Post the documentaries to your deforestACTION colloboration site and ask other classes to share their opinions and invite learners to ask questions about your journey.

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