Get Informed! 1: Introduction to Mental Health and Mental Illness


What is mental health and mental illness? How does mental illness differ from other illnesses? To learn the basic concepts and information about mental health and mental illness, you will complete a pre-course quiz which measures your familiarity with concepts and information surrounding mental illness.


Follow the link and complete the Pre-Course Quiz from the Discovery Network, which surveys general knowledge about mental illness. Be sure to read the information provided after each question about the myths of mental illness.


If you would like an additional fun activity, check out these Mental Health Flashcards. Click on 'Start Study Session', and then 'Begin.' Using this program, you can also create your own flashcards.

If you want to explore even more, check out the Online Resources folder in Files and browse through the information on the various sites included there.

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on understandings of and attitudes toward mental health and mental illness
  • Provide a baseline snapshot of understanding about mental illness that can be re-examined at the end of the modules so that students and teachers can see the impact of the material

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