Experiences: Online Recharge – 5 Quick Steps at Reseller’s Site

Technology   Jul 11, 2018 by Aileen Scott

An online reseller like Phonepe, Mobikwik or Patym is an e-commerce site that sells or retails the products of other companies and service providers with the intention of earning profit or commission from the service provider. Whatever is the business model and the earning potency of the model for the reseller, the point is that it is a great comfort to the end user. For example take the case of online recharge of your prepaid mobile phone connection or direct-to-home TV or even the top-up for a metro smart card. By being able to recharge or top-up online with the help of internet, aren’t you thankful enough to Information Technology for this great creation?

Online recharge of any connection from a reseller site is simple and as easy as it could get.

Step 1 involves opening the website or the App of the particular reseller and selecting the service for which one needs to carry out an online recharge.

Step 2 involves selecting the specific service provider whose connection needs to be recharged.

Step 3 involves mentioning the connection id for example the mobile number or the customer id so that the money is credited against the particular connection only and does not get waylaid here and there.

Step 4 involves choosing the recharge plan from the various available plans of the service provider. The user chooses the one that suits his requirement best. For example if the user is recharging his mobile prepaid connection, he needs to choose from different plans pertaining to voice calls, SMS or data plans.

Step 5 involves choosing the payment method. Majorly resellers give the option of credit card, debit card and Netbanking to choose from. Some of the resellers also have their own digital currency. Registered users need to credit the virtual wallet with money from their bank account. Once credited this wallet now acts as a virtual currency and can be used to shop or purchase any goods or services even conductonline recharge. Of course this wallet can be used only on the particular reseller site or others ecommerce sites wherever payment by the said wallet is accepted.

Once done, the user receives instant confirmation from – the reseller on successful acceptance of payment and completion of the online recharge process. Simultaneously there is also a message that comes from the bank or the card company of the amount being debited from the user’s account. Thirdly there is a message from the service provider that the online recharge has been successful. There are also emails to the same effect that is sent by the three parties to the email id of the subscriber.

All the above three notifications are important because the user gets an immediate acknowledgement that his money has been received by the service provider for continuing the service and the bank that the money has been deducted at their end. Armed with this acknowledgement the user is now ready to enjoy uninterrupted service from the provider till the recharge validity gets over.

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