GRUB Assignment 1: Individual and Environmental Factors Affecting Food Systems and Choices



Part 1: Working in a group with other classmates, analyze the photo(s) and accompanying caption(s) in handout 1.2 assigned to your group. If you cannot communicate with the members of your group in person, connect by creating a discussion thread for your group or using the class chat functionality. Discuss the main message(s) of the photo(s) and caption(s), both from the perspective of the photographer and from your own points of view. Work together to summarize the main points of the discussion and share the summary with the rest of the class by uploading it as a document to class files. Be sure to read the summaries submitted by other groups as well. Part 2: Using the classroom discussion board thread created for this assignment, brainstorm five individual and five environmental risk factors that influence physical health and nutrition. Then, post a blog entry of approximately 250 words which addresses one individual and one environmental risk factor on physical health and nutrition that you feel is particularly important. Explain why these risk factors are important and how they impact health.

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